Monkton Strategic Partnerships

Amazon Web Services

Monkton is part of Amazon Web Services technology partner program, meaning we have achieved specific skills in building and deploying solutions in AWS.

We can deploy Rebar in under 40 minutes, production ready, in AWS. Ask us how.

SafeLogic, Inc

SafeLogic is Monkton's oldest and most valued partner. FIPS Validated Cryptography is hard. Keeping your FIPS Validated Cryptography up to date and in compliance is even harder. As Monkton manages your NIAP compliance, Monkton relies on SafeLogic to manage our FIPS Validation compliance to deliver compliant cryptography.

With SafeLogic, Monkton and our customers never have to worry about FIPS compliance, we provide it all.

Docker Inc

Monkton has bet heavy on containerization to deliver Rebar. Docker enables us to ubiquitiously deliver our middleware to any customer with virtually no extensive deployment and configuration.

Our mission is to deliver our middleware and updates seamlessly to customers and our prefered mechanism to do that is with Docker.