DoD OSD Memo

Department of Defense (DoD) Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has mandated that all managed mobile apps developed for use by the Department of Defense be compliant with NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership). Any app that connects to, holds, processes, or touches DoD SBU/CUI/FOUO data must, at a minimum, be compliant with NIAP.

Be Compliant Today

Today, with Monkton, you can be compliant with the DoD OSD memo, without any extra work. The first line of code written will be NIAP Compliant, above and beyond what OSD has mandated. We adhere to the complete NIAP Application Protection Profile and Encryption Extension Protection Profile.

Using Rebar, out of the box, you are compliant with NIAP and can optionally go through an independent lab to validate complete conformance.

Build and deliver

Rebar enables organizations to build and deliver NIAP compliant applications, using a repeatable and scalable process. Gone are the days of building compliance and security into a mobile app, once development has been completed. Monkton even provides base test Appium scripts to enable you to do automated UI/UX testing.

Starting day one, apps can be built, tested, and delivered, in a repeatable way that conform to NIAP.

Focus on building and solving mission needs, we’ll focus on security and compliance.

Mission Focus

With Rebar, we take care of all the authentication, authorization, data at rest, data in transit for mobile apps. Your developers can focus solely on the user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and business logic. We’ll handle your security and compliance - you focus on the mission and how to solve your business needs.

Day one you can build and deliver NIAP compliant apps without a single line of security code being written.

Download the memo here from DISA