Rebar Documentation

Developing Secure and NIAP Compliant mobile apps

Documentation on building apps with Rebar on iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad.
Documentation on building apps with Rebar on Android devices.
How to configure and manage the Rebar ESB.

Getting Started

To get started with Rebar, you will need to contact Monkton Support at

Once you have obtained Rebar and a Rebar License, you will deploy it either in house or in AWS or Azure.

The Rebar ESB is deployed leveraging Docker containers, with the Rebar ESB being deployed with Docker, we strongly recommend against using the monktoninc/rebar:latest tag and use labeled versions of the Rebar ESB.

Development builds of the Rebar ESB can be obtained using the monktoninc/rebar:latest-dev tag. These are stable development builds that can be used in development deployments.

Current Versions

We will list current deployed versions of the Rebar SDK and Rebar ESB here. iOS and Android are versioned separately.

Monkton follows the versioning convention of: for all products. Additonally, we now include SWID tags within each product as per NIAP Application Protection Profile 1.3.

iOS SDK: {android-build-number}
Android SDK: {android-build-number}
Rebar ESB: {android-build-number}

Last Updated: February 04, 2019