Derived is automatic

Federal agencies have been working for years to support PKI on mobile devices. As an industry first, derived credential support is available out of the box for all apps built with with Rebar.

Gone are the days of using your physical CAC/PIV and expensive sled, along with expensive/kludgy APIs and SDKs to simply authenticate.

It is literally a single line of configuration to authenticate an app with Derived. Any app built on top of Rebar can leverage this.

Derived is codeless

With Rebar you'll never write a single line of code to support derived credentials.

A single configuration line will enable your app to authenticate with derived credentials. Making derived credentials a turnkey feature. Be HSPD-12 compliant instantly.


Derived is beautiful

We built Derived with the idea in mind that apps that apps should be beautiful, even if they are for mundane tasks.

Derived is easy to use. It is intuitive. It is simple. Generating credentials from your physical CAC/PIV is a breeze.

Logging in to an app with your derived credentials is even easier. A simple tap, entering your credential passcode and you are in. Nothing else.

Derived is DoD Ready

Derived is the first commerical product to support DISA Purebred. We invested because we knew our customers would expect it.

Derived with Purebred just works. No additional configuration is required to leverage the DoD PKI - the integration works, and is the same as any other PKI provider.